Christine H Rehmann

R.R. #2
Hayter, AB T0B 1X0

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(780) 753-6711


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Facts To Help Prospective Puppy Owners

Puppies are picked up, in person, however we can export, you are responsible for shipping fees, shipping crate & mat.

Rehmann Reg’d puppies are available to pet or show homes under different contracts with complete portfolios & guarantees (all data included).

We care about what we breed, and put in a great amount of thought and health testing for the best possible outcome. We have a number of dogs in our show program and our puppies & dam after leaving a no cage Nursery in our home, move on to their own space in the Kennel, where they experience fresh country air daily and sunshine, using doggy doors, handling in our grooming room, crate traveling to the Vet or dog shows, where they see other dogs, they have toys to play with, watch DVD'S, lots of room to romp & play, heated in winter and cool in summer with different environments/situations etc. These dogs learn quickly and can fit into a loving home as a pet at any age. House training/breaking is not an issue, if corrections and crating are carried out immediately and restraining gates are used with sometimes male belly bands or female britches.

When e-mailing to inquire, please tell us about yourself, and about your intentions for the puppy, or better yet give us a call, you'll know if one is or maybe available. Previous litters, Puppy annoucements and New litters can be seen on the Puppy Page. To qualify  as a Cocker home, I will need references, a vet , a groomer, an another breeder/ training center or someone from the pet industry. Preferences are for owners who join clubs and dog sports and dog classes.


Puppies are as price ., no discounts (these are not radomly bred, the sires & dams have titles & OFA's). We offer grooming & boarding for 'Rehmann Reg'd' puppies, our breeding.  Update 2020  Puppies have all gone, to qualified Cocker homes!


 Keep In Mind What You Will Need & First New Pet Do List

 The Basics - collar, leash, I.D. tag, pooper scooper, treats & toys, crate & matt, restraining gate.

 Health & Hygiene - dry & canned food, food & water bowls, brush & comb, food scoop measure & storage bins, shampoo & nail clippers.

 Ask Vet About - vaccinations, parasite control, microchip recording, prevention & care.