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Our Questions to Help You a Prospective (or First Time Dog) Owner Help Yourself

Do you agree dog ownership is a the serious responsibility and long term commitment?

Can you financially, psychologically, physically, be responsible for a dog?

How long will the dog be alone each day?

Can you walk a dog or do you have a fenced yard?

Do you agree that a dog can not be tied, chained, or left outdoors unsupervised?

Are you able to house train a dog? Where will your dog sleep at night?

How many individuals in the household? Any other pets?

Would your dog be able to go to your work or business, travel with you, be a playmate for children, go to your coffee group?

Does your area require leash laws, vaccinations, dog licenses?

What would you do about barking, chewing, jumping up, shedding, digging, scratching?

Do you have a vet, groomer, boarding facility or dog training center?

Would you be able to take your dog to a behavior center if there was a problem?

If you rent or lease, do you have permission to have a dog?

How long have you wanted a dog?

Have you had this breed before, or have you done research on this breed?

Do you like walking, running or biking ?

Would you be able to care for a dog with a disability?

A young well bred show quality adult ( with a conformation title & health # ) would  be as stated. Co-ownership could be available for the right person. Our mature breeding adults & seniors, are not usually placed, but sometimes show dogs maybe be re-purposed for the right situation. We ofter grooming & boarding for   'Rehmann Reg'd' dogs. The dogs that are here, are bred for show and pet have those qualities & standards, therefore, they are not discounted.

Phone if any available, will advise the best match or not, after interveiw. If looking for showing, preference given to owner/handlers.  We prefer pet homes, as placing with handler on the the road. A dog is very personal and you, yes you have to have time for it!

We may retire some earlier from show, or dogs that have not been used in our breeding program, will need forever pet homes, pass buyers are invited to leave their name, as we maybe able to match the same line. Remember, older dogs are less of a handful compared to a more engergetic counterpart.

Remember we are not puppy vendors, if you are an angry nerve / disrespectable / come with subjective information / confrontational / need discounts, don't expect we will place with you! We don't support, rescue type ego individuals, whom take it upon themselves  as knowledgeable and cause problems with breeders. Now that's not professional!

Everthing you'll find here is up to standard and up to code! We need to know that the puppies/adults are going to physically, mentally, financially capable dog owners.